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5th Generation

Without Rosin, 5th Generation Calendula (or 5 G) is different other strippable sold on the market.

It is what is called a wax Multidirectional.

The mode of application and the application temperature are its main assets.

Apply it in the traditional way thin layer or perform with your spatula of movements of eight Although so coat the hair in all directions.  As long as you will work, it does dry and does not crystallize. Stop work, it dries instantly.

You can pull the wax Strip in the direction of the hair or in the opposite direction of hair growth.

How does apply?

-Heat the 5 G at the same temperature as your peelable waxes without Rosin or approximately 65 ° C

-5 G will lose heat faster than other peelable waxes

-5 G is used in paste form thin layer.  

-Warning do not apply when it is liquid (which indicates that it is too hot).

-On the skin wax must be warm, your client must feel a warmth pleasant and certainly not a burning or heat sensation

-The wax strip may pull away in the direction of growth of the hair or vice versa.

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