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Ma dame Stripless wax (pastilles, 800 g bags) View larger

Jolie Môme peelable New Generation without rosin

Peelable wax with Calendula without Rosin 

a new generation of white wax, odor-free an ultra gentle epilation for efficiency and ease of exceptional application to the State of the art.

 texture creamy, extremely flexible

  • very comfort of use

For all areas of the body and especially the more sensitive 

 Bag 800 g pellets


    5th Generation is absolutely exceptional and unprecedented on the market of hair removal in Europe.

    It is the only wax so-called multidirectional.

     It applies on the skin to a lower temperature of 10 to 15 C ° compared to other strippable waxes.  

    It must be Pasty (non-liquid) application.

    As long as you spread it and the work on the skin it does not dry and non-crystallizing, which allows to coat the hair to go back with the spatula.

    It adheres very little skin and  "hair pulling is exceptional. 


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